Travel Cot For Baby – Choosing Your Travel Cot

A travel cot for baby doesn’t have to cost the earth. What it does have to do is provide a safe, comfortable environment for your baby or toddler to sleep in. There are lots of portable cribs on the market that are less than $100, as well as many that are double or triple the price.

What you have to do, as the parent, is work out what it is you need and how much you’re willing to spend. Price doesn’t always reflect quality and it’s best to research those in your price range before you take the plunge and buy one.

One of the most popular portable cribs available is the PeaPod travel cot. It’s lightweight, easily transportable and so easy to assemble it’s something a child could almost do. Once folded, it fits into a bag that’s about the size of a standard woman’s shoulder bag – and it’s probably a little lighter!

At under $100, it’s a great value for money piece of travel furniture and just for its ease of use and versatility – it can also be used as a play yard – it’s definitely worth the price. Of late, pop-up tent like travel cots are becoming more popular with moms and dads.

Partly it’s due to how easy they are to work with; no fussing around with screws and tools or even feeding poles together. It’s also because they’re a safe, comfortable place for your baby or toddler to bed down for the night. Many of them, such as the PeaPod, come with a self-inflating mattress and sleep pad.

Most are surface washable and if they do have an extra sleep pad or travel cot mattress, they’re fully machine washable. That means that the task of keeping them clean and hygienic is also pretty straightforward. And that’s what parents are looking for; an easy clean, lightweight yet robust and safe bed for their young ones.

Many parents are finding that modern life requires a travel crib at some point. A lot of parents work full time and may look forward to a break at weekends, with baby safely left with grandparents or other family members for the night. Or perhaps they lead an active lifestyle and spend some of their free time in the great outdoors.

Modern travel cots allow parents to assimilate a lifestyle that’s as close as possible to how their lives were before baby came along. And what’s wrong with that? Providing baby is fully cared for, why not include them in your life, rather than the other way around?

Long gone are the days when mom stayed home all day, tending the house and raising the children. Contemporary life keeps most people busy and having children needn’t alter your life to the point that your lifestyle has experienced a 360ยบ turnaround. A travel cot for baby is a great, inexpensive investment – and allows parents of young children to retain and happy and active lifestyle.

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